The Deportation of Lucifer to the Void

This is supposed to be the first chapter of a post-Apocalyptic Catholic fantasy novel I was planning to create way back in January 2006. It was published in my column at Peyups.com. Despite getting good comments from readers and having floods of ideas in my head, I did not pursue making it, and I forgot why.

The title written in Peyups.com is The Accounts of Omnsca, Omnsca being the Most Supreme Being in the universe of my story, but I remember changing the title to The Sin of God when I was starting to write the second chapter. Will I continue writing this? I don't know.

The Sin of God

Chapter 1
The Deportation of Lucifer to the Void

The Holy Book, true to its prophecies, had fulfilled all that had been written on its consecrated pages, similar to a righteous man keeping a promise of happy life to a gullible lady of innocence. A righteous man, though, will encounter bumpy paths in an attempt to maintain that which was promised. Quite like the Holy Bible.

Three Resurrections had passed. The first happened after the Tribulation of Man, when the Heavenly Father rid the world of the impure through battles between man and his fellow. Those who survived the war were actually the ones whom God had adjudged worthy of His kindness. Those who were already dead, but were virtuous during their living days, rose from the cold earth and continued to relish the reward of the Almighty after the Judgment. Lucifer and his minions (including the spirits of the impure humans) were chained in Hell, therefore the demons having no access to man’s free will for one thousand years.

Man multiplied during those one thousand years. On the first day of the one-thousand-first year, God resurrected those who had died during the post-Tribulation days. That was the Second Resurrection. For Lucifer’s imprisonment was effective only for a millennium, he was then set free from his being bound, again permitted to try luring mankind into antagonism. God used Satan’s knack for corrupting souls to test who really were kind-spirited, thus, eligible to enter His realm.

For one century, Lucifer tempted and God observed. There were those whom the Devil had success in diverting from the Light, but a number still resisted diabolic seduction. God’s time of reckoning finally came to an end; with Hellfire He incinerated the vast universe He created with great love, even before the narratives in the book of Genesis had taken place. All was reduced to the basic form of matter. None survived, but the spirits of men who remained holy had undergone the Third Resurrection.

The holy ones, determined so through the Grand Deliberation, had God as company in Paradise, and were rewarded with eternal life and the power to Create, while the demons were given eternal death. Lucifer was spared and was taken by Principalities Tarraviel and Arvanel to the western edge of God’s universe, where it was all void and gloomy.

For nine millennia, Lucifer stayed in the void. With minions erased from existence, he talked to no one—not even to himself, for he was drowned with and shut up by the thought of defeat. It had been several millennia of war against Heaven, several millennia of corrupting God’s servants, turning them into little bringers of shade. He had been able to collect a great number of followers, but the Light reigned after all.

“It was already mentioned in the Book; it was crafted to unfold the way it indeed unfolded; I should have... trusted Eli’s omniscience.”

Loathing the Almighty, Lucifer actually believed he had enough power to crook the line of Fate as seen by God. Filled with envy, he never believed good would have triumphed, for he badly desired to overtake his own creator in terms of power.

“Maybe... I should return and ask for... forgiveness,” he cried in the void.

The leash of pride was keeping Lucifer from accepting defeat and considering repent, but as centuries passed by, slowly the leash loosened, his satanic heart little by little revivifying its sanctified origin, for he used to be at par with Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Finally, the deported Devil came up with a decision—a decision which required the greatest humility known in God’s universe. He was the major enemy of the Light in the past; returning to his creator’s side would be the most humiliating deed. Nevertheless, he felt he deserved the upcoming shame, for he had caused too much pain on God’s part, turning His children against their fellow servants of God and God Himself.

But he was done manufacturing sin. He must travel back to the boss he used to serve.

“Lucifer,” suddenly called someone with a teasing tone, “Your overpowering of Eli lingers not in mere imagination and ambition still. It is not over!”

With millennia of being and knowing he is alone, hearing a voice in empty space was the biggest surprise, perplexed whether to feel fright or relief.

“Who speaks to me?” Lucifer asked.

Years passed and the voice neither spoke again nor answered the evictee’s inquiry. Lucifer’s plan of returning to God was suspended due to his excitement to see company. After eleven years, the voice went teasing Lucifer’s hearing again. During those eleven years of anticipation, Lucifer did not become impatient, for existing in boredom for nine millennia made a year seem like a second.

The unknown speaker told Lucifer, “Think, Light Bringer. You know very well who I am. This is not the first time I told you a word. This is not the first time I... whispered to you.”

"I do not remember who you are, but you do sound familiar. Are you one of my Seraphims who resisted Eli’s punishment of everlasting death?”

"Incorrect. Why don’t you reminisce your past, Lucifer? Your life as... an Archangel. When you served Eli still and enforced all the laws of the Light. Just right before you... put out the holy fire that sustains your kind, kind spirit.”

Lucifer had the shock of his life, even more shocking than when he heard the voice after a very long period of sad tranquility.

“You!” he shouted. “I remember you! You were the Evil that shook my passion of serving the Light. You were the Evil that planted the seed of envy in my core. You were she who made the Archangel Lucifer fall from Eli’s grace. You are... Moaa.”

“It’s been a while, Archangel,” the voice laughed, as the entity started to appear before Lucifer’s vision. “The Bible is just like any storybook to a human child. The tales always end, saying the heroes shall live in unending bliss just to extinguish the fear of what shadows loom in the future.”

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